North Shore Family Lawyer

How A North Shore Family Lawyer Can Help You Or Your Family


Family lawyers are legal experts who are qualified to practice family law. They specialise in matters of family law. This law is concerned with issues that touch on family relationships such as separation, divorce, child access, any many more.

A family lawyer can act as a mediator when family disagreements happen. He or she can also represent litigants during court proceedings. A lawyer can also help you when drafting crucial legal documents such as court petitions. Here are some of the situations that a North Shore family lawyer can help you or your family with.


1. Handling Divorce Cases

A North Shore family lawyer can help you during such trying times. Emotions may make it almost impossible for you and your spouse to amicably settle your differences. A family lawyer can come in during such times to act as a mediator.

He or she can help both you and your spouse to settle your divorce calmly and within the law. A family lawyer can assist by providing a rational approach to your divorce. This can ensure that your divorce goes on smoothly without having to involve the courts.


2. Domestic Violence

Domestic violenceSadly, there is a lot of domestic violence in New Zealand. This can arise from drug or alcohol abuse. A victim does not have to, nor should they, accept this behaviour by their partner. Seek help from a family lawyer as soon as possible to prevent further damage to you or your family. It is unacceptable that people are abused in this way. Victims often feel at risk if they do try to take action, but it is certainly the best course of action to take. Domestic violence is not just committed by men; many women are guilty of being abusive to their male partners.


3. Dealing With Child Custody Agreements

What happens to our children is the most difficult question that a couple faces during separation. You need to agree on how your children will be taken care of. However, this isn’t a walk in the park. You need an arrangement with your spouse on how you will go about this.

A competent family lawyer can help you draft a child custody agreement. This ensures that both of you can live on good terms with agreed access to the children. A family lawyer can also help you with the amendment of your child custody agreement’s terms if need be.


4. Dealing With Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are signed by couples before they get married or have a civil union. The contents of such contracts tend to vary from one situation to another. Nonetheless, division of property and spousal support are typically covered within such agreements.

A family lawyer can help you handle your prenuptial agreements. The development of this document can be done by a family lawyer. Matters that arise from prenuptial agreements can also be handled by a family lawyer in accordance with the law.


5. Court Representation

When family disputes can’t be solved outside court, a family lawyer can help represent you or your family. He or she helps to push for justice. A family lawyer is best placed to represent you or your family in court due to the knowledge that is possessed in family law.


North Shore Family Lawyer – What Do You Need?

North Shore Family LawyerA family lawyer can help you or your family in the resolution of family disputes. Family law is a complex jungle of many laws designed to protect children, partners, and property. It is far too complex for an individual to understood. Further, at these times, the individuals involved are generally highly charged emotionally and need an experienced third-party to help them through the legal and emotional challenges. If you need to seek the help of a North Shore family lawyer consult McVeagh Fleming in Albany.