Key Services of North Shore Commercial Lawyers

Five Key Services Offered By Commercial Lawyers

Commercial lawyer for North Shore

Commercial lawyer for North Shore

As you might guess, commercial lawyers specialise in corporate law, which means that they handle legal issues related to the operation of businesses. As a business owner, there are countless different ways that one of these lawyers can help you in your day-to-day operations. The following section outlines five key services that are offered by commercial lawyers that may help you get a better idea of what these lawyers do.

1. Contract Law. If you have been in business for any length of time, you know that contracts are something you encounter on a regular basis. Whether you are dealing with contracts that you have with other businesses, with your employees or with independent contractors, there is always a lot of fine print that needs to be gone through. A commercial lawyer can not only help you understand any contracts that you are presented with, but they can also help you draft your own contracts, ensuring that your rights are properly protected in the process.

2. Intellectual Property. The laws surrounding intellectual property are murky at best. A lawyer can help you navigate the IP rules and regulations to ensure that your ideas are properly protected against theft. Likewise, they can also help ensure that your business practices are not interfering with anyone else’s intellectual property.

3. Taxes. Commercial lawyers often are trained to deal with accounting-related issues, which includes helping with any tax problems that may arise. Dealing with the government can be incredibly intimidating — especially if you owe them a lot of money. A good lawyer can provide representation for your business, ensuring that you are in compliance with all of the necessary tax laws. They may also be able to negotiate on your behalf if you owe back taxes to lower the amount that you have to repay.

4. Employee Disputes. Whether two employees have a dispute with one another or an employee is taking on the company directly, a commercial lawyer can help. These lawyers are trained to help solve employee-related problems before they have a chance to get blown out of proportion and taken to court.

5. Payments. One of the most important things in business is being paid for your goods or services. Most customers pay on time but inevitably there will be some who are late. A commercial lawyer will draw up terms of trade for you to give to customers which outlines their responsibilities. However, if they still do not pay, then they can use their own influence or the threat of legal action to bring about accounts settlements.

These five key services offered by commercial lawyers barely scratch the surface of what they do. They can manage any legal issues that may arise for any commercial activities of your business. Finding a good commercial lawyer early on when you launch your business can help prevent you from making any costly mistakes that could negatively impact the future of your company and protect your business from unreliable suppliers or customers.

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