Wellington SEO – How To Rank Your Website On Google For Free

How To Rank Your Website On Google For Free


Your Google rank can’t be bought for any amount of money, regardless of what marketing gurus may tell you. But, you can improve your strategy to position yourself well in the search engine results page or SERP without having to spend any money. Here are some tried and true methods to improve ranking from a Wellington SEO company.


Improve Your Website

Wellington SEO companyOne of the reasons many companies have a high bounce rate is simply because they do not provide an optimal environment for users on their website. The concept is fairly simple: the easier and more enjoyable your website is, the more time that visitors will spend there. This, of course, directly impacts your Google rankings.


Create SEO Optimised Content For Your Website

Posting SEO optimised high quality content on your website is the single smartest way to get Google to rank you. In fact, even professionals agree that the most effective SEO tactic to date is including quality content. Ensure that your content isn’t just free of any mistakes, but contains relevant keywords that relate to your industry. Valuable outbound links and content optimised for mobile devices also ranks well in Google’s results page.


Get More Links

Backlinks (links from other sites that lead to yours) are truly the bread and butter of every company that has desirable search rankings. Of course, you need to focus on becoming selective with your backlinks. You must have high-quality and authoritative websites linking to you or it will actually penalise your website.


Broken Links And Error Messages Hurt Your Site

You may not really think about the consequences of a few broken links or error messages, but Google will penalize you for them, Regularly check your website to ensure all links, content and images are working and present. There are online tools that you can use to automate the process.


Optimise All Images

Google heavily relies on images to lead people to your website. That means you need to get smart about the way you name your image files. Descriptive file names and alt text are crucial aspects of ranking on Google’s pages.

Get Optimised For Local Searches

Is your company specific to a certain city or region? If so, take advantage of your Google My Business listing. This allows you to show up in relevant search results when people search for businesses near them. Providing relevant Google Posts will also ensure your business is listed in numerous directories and your online reputation will significantly improve.


Improve Your Loading Time

How long does it take for your website pages to load? Though not considered a direct impact on Google’s rankings, having a quick loading time does seem to improve rankings nonetheless. Improving the quickness of your loading time makes for a great user experience.

Many SEO companies will advertise that their tactics ensure you will rank as number one in Google’s search results. The reality is, however, that you need to actively work for a long time and keep up-to-date with Google’s algorithm changes in order to ensure your website stays relevant.


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