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Does Staging Sell Real Estate – Insights by a West Auckland Real Estate Agent


It is amazing how so often, when looking at a house to buy, the sellers have not made much effort to prepare the property for sale. Even a tidy-up and clean can help but even that is beyond some people. You know what this is like if you are looking at houses to buy. There is something to be said about a neat and tidy house when you are looking for the perfect home for you and your family. However, even the quick tidy and clean are not the best option as all too often, the house looks like the house of the people who live there. Their family photos and children’s toys are too visible and this makes it difficult for potential buyers to imagine themselves in that house. This applies to whether you are selling a personal home or an investment property. From his extensive experience and success at selling property, West Auckland real estate agent, David Whitley says one of the best tactics for getting a fast sale or a top price is to use home staging, especially for high-end homes which have already been vacated or recently renovated.


west-auckland-real-estate-agentAn empty house can be cold and uninviting. Even though it may have been painted impeccably to very high standards, it is difficult for people to feel comfortable in a stark room, and for people to want to buy a property, they must above all, feel at ease in that house. No matter how impressive the building might be, if prospective buyers are not feeling happy in the house, they are not going to be motivated buyers. The best way to overcome this is to either talk to a local furniture rental store to rent a few items, or better still, to work with a home-staging company.


You want to make the main rooms, living room, dining room, master bedroom, and all bathrooms, seam that they are ‘lived in’. These are the main rooms which sell homes so it is key that they are neat, orderly, and homely. If you have the funds, you can stage the rest of the house but for most properties, if you take care of these rooms, then you will have presented the home in a favourable setting.


You can also add a few features to make the house into a home such as a couple of innocuous pictures and a vase of flowers. The aim is to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort so you will want to have a few prints and mirrors on the walls, plants or flowers, and in the bedrooms, have a matching set of mancheter.


Other things that may help an empty home sell are scents. There is the old idea of brewing coffee or cooking toast, having some scented flowers in bloom. The all help to make a home feel ‘homely’. Scented sticks in the bathrooms is also a nice, and inexpensive touch. However, do not go over-board with this as an excessive fragrance can easily become an overpowering smell.


High-end house West Auckland

High-end house West Auckland

If you are looking to sell a property or high-end home, talk to a west Auckland real estate agent who has a proven track-record in achieving top prices for properties in the area. He recently sold this luxury home in West Harbour and achieved an outstanding price for a New Lynn property.


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