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What You Should Look For In An Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is a special time for a couple, and the engagement ring is symbolic of that union. This means that many men – as it is usually the man who proposes – feel under pressure to make a good choice. This can be a very intimidating prospect if you know very little about jewellery. A good jeweller like Orsini in Auckland, will show you a range of styles to help you make a choice.

heart shaped diamond engagement ringsAlthough some women prefer an unusual and unique engagement ring, such as one set with rubies or sapphires, most girlfriends dream of receiving a diamond ring when their boyfriend makes the proposal. Therefore one of the most important considerations when choosing the ring is picking out the perfect diamond.

The most obvious factor when comparing two diamonds is the shape, and it helps to know what your future wife’s personal taste is. The majority or ring designs use diamonds with a round or square cut, as this is simple and elegant. But you might also want to look at a pear or a marquise engagement ring if your girlfriend likes jewellery which is “showy” or more ostentatious.

The second factor in selecting a diamond is the colour. Chocolate-toned diamonds are currently very popular, but the fact that they are considered fashionable means that you will pay a premium. The rarest and therefore most coveted colour is white. An engagement ring with a white diamond will be expensive but extremely high quality, and can be a good investment.

A good number of people are aware of the third aspect you should be looking at in a quality diamond; clarity. Simply put, the higher the clarity is, the more flawless and sparkly the stone will appear. However, the clarity of the diamond is not something which can easily be assessed by an untrained eye and is consequently not important to everyone. For many people, the style and design of the ring is more important than the clarity rating.

marquise engagement ringsThe final consideration with diamond jewellery is the carat. This is usually important to people because the carat refers to the weight – and therefore the size – of the diamond. A typical engagement ring is between half a carat and one carat. Some people like the idea of a large stone while others prefer something less ostentatious.

Although the aesthetics of the ring might be more important than the worth, you should still ensure that you ask for a certificate to guarantee the quality of the diamond. An engagement ring’s main value may be its sentimentality, but it also represents a large financial investment and you should request proof of its value (if only for insurance purposes). All reputable jewellers like Orsini will be happy to supply this.

If you are on a tight budget, you can still find beautiful engagement rings. It is legal for diamonds to be artificially treated to make them appear more brilliant, but a reputable retailer must disclose this to the buyer.

The most important thing when purchasing an engagement ring is knowing what style your future spouse will love. However, you also want to be certain that you are getting the best possible quality for your money. Knowing how diamonds are graded is a significant part of this and the owner of Orsini is a qualified Gemologist.