Enjoy less stress, more free time and bigger profits when you work with a business coach

Many owners of small and medium size businesses spend far too much time working in their business so that they are not able to enjoy the important things in their life like family, friends and most importantly, looking after themselves. The problem gets worse though as the vast majority these businesses make far less profit than they should. In almost all cases, a few simple shifts can change both of these situations but the owner is too deeply involved to be able to see how to make these things happen. The answer for any business is to work with a business coach.

Let’s look at some of the more common symptoms of a business owner.

Business coach in Auckland

Frustrated business owners

Work long hours. 

Most owners are overwhelmed with all the tasks they need to undertake to keep their business growing. They have staff issues, customers to keep happy, they have to find and negotiate with suppliers. They have to manage the books. Is it any wonder that few of these tasks are managed to any degree of success?

Business growth is slow.

With all of those tasks and people to manage there is little time to carry out some marketing to try to grow the business.  They are stuck because on one hand they don’t have the money to invest in staff or new resources. On the other until they invest in marketing and grow the business they will not be able to generate that money they need. It can be very frustrating.


The sheer workload and the unrelenting pressure cause many business owners to be exhausted. But as they spend so much time in their business, they do not allocate sufficient time to themselves. This might be more exercise, taking time for relaxation or enjoying their hobbies. The problems just get worse.

Loss of enjoyment for the business

Inevitably, with all of these huge issues, owners can often lose the initial passion they had when they first got into business. Instead of the business being a way to financial freedom, it becomes a massive burden which traps the owner.  They cannot make a good income from the business but at the same time they are not able to turn the business into a desirable asset they can sell for a fantastic return.

Why do people engage a business coach?

The simple reason that people engage a business coach is that it works.

In fact, successful people in any walk of life work with  coach. If you look at business owners, top-level executives, sports stars, artists and even politicians. Every successful person works with a coach.

But what exactly is a business coach?

Business coaches help you to identify your personal strengths, areas you need to improve and most importantly, areas you need to leave to other people. This last act alone can shift your business from a low-income drudgery to a better performing, more enjoyable business.

Other significant outcomes you can expect from a business include developing a simple and clear strategy for your business. They will help you cut out the unnecessary tasks and focus you on the important issues you need to address. Perhaps most importantly, you have some that will hold you accountable so that you get things done.

Most of us have good intentions but the small things in life get in the way and we let the important tasks slip by. It’s part of the human condition.  But a coach will keep you focused, they will challenge you and they will ensure you get the jobs done.

In this way you can expect to see a growth in profits, a reduction in stress levels and enjoy more free time for the things that really matter in your life.

Are all business coaches good?

Business coaching service

A business coach helping an SME owner

As in every industry, sport or other area of endeavour there are different levels of competence and business coaches are no different.  In fact, there are plenty of people who claim to be a business coach but often they only serve to make you feel good about yourself rather than helping you achieve the results you deserve.

Many business coaching programmes have a cookie-cutter approach and try to force your business into their coaching plan. This is a recipe for failure. Instead you should find a coach who has a long record in showing clear and tangible results for their clients.  These coaches will have a proven plan but it is one that shapes to your own particular situation.

One business coach in Auckland who has achieved a consistent record of success for their clients is Rise Advisory. They have over ten years experience working with business in many industries from drainage, excavation, car repairs and many more.

They offer a free, no obligation initial exploration chat to see if there might be a fit between you and the type of client they work with.  Have a look here for some more information.

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